10 September 2009

UW Dermatology

So, I had my appointment with University of Washington Dermatology today. It went well. The doctor wasn't able to give us a solid answer, but he pointed us in a few directions. And he ended up referring us to a doctor at Stanford, because we'll be down there in October. So...yup.

One of the disorders he talked about is called "Periodic Nail Shedding" It's exactly what it sounds like. And the last paper written on it was in 1981. So, not much known about it at all.

Anyways, he did discuss nail care with us, what to do to help the nails grow back. He said that my big toe on my left foot has probably just had too much scarring to the matrix, so it's not likely to grow a nail back. One less to fall off I guess.

Umm...today at school was good. I have a para now, she's super nice. And I got to meet with my PT, and we discussed my evacuation plans in case there is a fire or whatever before an official plan is made.

Pretty much. Got caught up on my homework, which was kinda difficult, but it's done. I'm going to bed like...now.


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