15 September 2009

Sharing the love (or the sick)

So I'm home sick today. As is everyone else except my mom. Because she's made of iron or something.

Anyways. Friday was a good day, as was Monday. I didn't do anything this weekend.

Actually, Monday was a bit rough. I didn't have a para. Well, I did, but not for first period. Mrs. B was sick so for first period I had no one, so missed that class. Then for second and third period I had one para, and fourth through 6 a different one. Ah well.

Umm. Oh I contacted a local Aussie breeder yesterday. She was recommended to us by my dad's former boss. We've been looking at Aussies to self train for me, and she actually has some puppies. But, she also has two 2 year old females right now, and when I told her the situation and what we were looking for, she said that one of the females might be a good fit. She's already fixed, up to date on all shots, and has basic obedience and crate training. All of this helps us in the long run, because while any dog we get will need further training, this helps us a bit. So we'll be talking with this breeder over the next few days, as well as making some decisions here to see if this is the right choice at this time.


So yeah. I'm going to go drink tea and eat chicken noodle soup.


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