03 October 2009

Hey guys

So... busy week.

Um, school-wise, I'm sinking. Major. BUT, I'm in the process of working it out. Trying to find the right combination of naps, classes, and work schedules is hard. I've proposed a solution to my counselor, and we'll see what gets worked out. Mom is coming on Wednesday to talk about it.

Health-wise, I'm still doing okay. Aside from that scary attack on Tuesday and the fall-out, I've been failing at keeping myself awake in school.

We thought it possible I'd broken my hand on Tuesday. At first it had just hurt badly, but I had hit it pretty hard. Then it started swelling and bruising, became hard to move. So I went and got it x-rayed, and good news! No broken bones, just a BAD bruise.

As far as school goes though, I'm really struggling. I've been falling asleep in class, which is so hard for me. I've never, even since I started having symptoms, had this much trouble staying awake in school. And even if I don't fall asleep, I'll space out and not be able to force myself to re-focus on the task at hand. Working in groups helps, but my classes that are more individual cause problems.

So. Things are hard right now, and we're really just trying to keep our heads above water until Stanford. Only 18 more days until my appointment!

Bye for now


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