13 October 2009

Good Day

I had a good day today. I didn't nap at lunch.....still a bit bed shy =P

But I made it through five periods without falling totally asleep. I dozed some in first, but other than that I was good. Between fifth period and sixth period I went down to the nurse's office to go potty. When I was washing my hands, I had an attack. It wasn't out terribly long, but I was really cold and sore when I woke up. Because my neck snapped forward when I went out, my head started hurting.

Anyways, good day for the most part.

Ermm....Just trying to get homework done and together for tests. I have, within the next week, a test in Algebra 2, a test in Medical Careers, a test in Biology, and a vocab test in Sophomore English. Right now in Junior English and U.S. History we're just watching videos.

Yup. I cleaned my room tonight, straightened and organized everything to get ready for Stanford. I'd prefer coming home to a clean room, so it's one less thing to worry about. And I've already planned what I'll be bringing as far as clothes go...and I just earned my brother's DS so I can play that in the car.

Okay. It's bedtime now.


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