12 October 2009

NOT a good Monday

So I had an okay morning. It was actually fun.

And I took a nap at lunch. Which was also fun.

Except at the end, because I fell off the bed as I was rolling over onto my back. And, as my head has been telling me, it was the first to hit the ground. It's got a pretty good sized purple goose egg on the back.

And, I had to be taken to the ER to get checked out. In an ambulance. During lunch time. The trip through the courtyard on a gurney strapped to a backboard in a C-collar was....fun. It's always comforting to hear kids laughing at you. And no, I didn't assume this....the laughing shortly stopped after a boy said to a girl "Stop laughing, that's not funny, she could be hurt!"

Ya know.

Anyways, luckily I only missed 3 periods. And I'll be back in school tomorrow.

Okay now. I'll be back tomorrow to tell you how my day went =)


1 comment:

Serenity Seeker said...

So sorry today was so rough, Bri!! Hope tomorrow goes better!!!