06 October 2009


Great day for me. Still having problems staying awake so I stayed home today. Scratch that. I tried school this morning, but didn't make it out of the car. So anyways, for some reason, I've incurred the wrath of my older sister. No doubt she wanted to go to the mall/just out with friends but can't now, which sucks. I understand that.

However. If she makes one more comment about how lazy I am because I'm spending all day in bed, or how lazy I am because I'm "skipping" school, there's going to be some words said.

She's the one who gets up at 10 in the morning and goes to hang out with friends. She doesn't have a job, and she's not in school. No, she hasn't finished high school yet. She's supposed to be doing online, but she's putting it off. So she needs to keep her mouth closed.

Sorry. Rant done now.


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Serenity Seeker said...

You've always got my good thoughts and wishes, Bri!!! I know it's hard dealing with siblings who refuse to understand (I'm the youngest of 7). You have a supportive family and I am sure you will get through it all...sister stress, school stress, and general life stress!