14 October 2009

Ugg... =X

Today I had attacks at school. No like...falling and hurting myself, but a lot of floppiness was going on.

I didn't use the bathroom until lunchtime, then I saw that my patch had come off, which explained a lot. Mom ended up bringing me a new patch so. But even still, I missed part of first, all of second, and part of fourth.

Eh. I got to see my PT today, which was good. I missed my appointment with Kris last week, so it was good I got some time in with SOMEONE before Stanford. =D

I'm working with my teachers to get printouts of what I'm actually missing. It's encouraging to hear that either I'm NOT missing as much as I think I am, or that the teacher is just willing to really, really work with me.

So yeah. I'm off to go shower and do some homework and go sleepy-bye.


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