09 October 2009

Hi guys

I've been taking advantage of the extra time off and sleeeeeping. =P

Wednesday I had my meeting with mom, my counselor, and myself. We decided, ultimately, to leave my schedule alone until after Stanford. I've been talking to my teachers about getting caught up, and while I'm not slacking off by any means, I'm not doing much except keeping up with the current assignments. They all pretty much said we'd figure it out after Stanford.

I was also told to stop being embarrassed about falling asleep in class. As long as I am doing my best, and not just like, purposefully laying my head down without doing anything, not to worry about it. My counselor said my teachers *should* understand why it's happening, and that if they have problems with it to have them talk to her. I <3 her =P


Tomorrow is no patch day, so I'll be sleeping in.




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