17 August 2009

Company Picnic

Hey all, sorry for the delay.

About the Company Picnic on Saturday.

Highlights include:

-Seeing K, our friend that lived in MN like we did, then her dad got transferred here about a year after my mom did, so now they live in the area! We see her every year at the picnic.

-Me pushing Dad up a hill in my wheelchair. Let me clarify...40+ man in a purple wheelchair with his daughter (who's secretly supposed to be using it) pushing him....it was a sight to see. But it was a blast. =P

-Playing Bingo since it was the only age appropriate thing for us to do. Everyone but our family friend that came with won. We played for 3 hours.

- The BEES. They were everywhere.

- Seeing Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of the company. As my dad and I were walking in from the truck after putting some things away, he was walking in with his family. He asked us how our day was, he and my dad discussed the brew they had in the Beer Garden this year, Dad joked with one of his children, and then we wished each other a good day and went back to the family.
With how many international companies is there that interaction between CEO and employee? Probably not many.

-Ash and I rode the tractor powered hay ride and reminisced back to MN and NY days. Ah, good times, good times.

-I was allowed to do a fair amount of walking, so my legs disliked me quite a bit.

And, yeah. That was the picnic.

Then...I slept on the way home.

And when we got home, as I was walking in the garage door to the house, Dad started one of his power tools to work on one of the cars. It is LOUD and startled me, so I had some leg weakness. It only lasted about 2 minutes and I was back to being fine.

Then yesterday was no meds so I basically slept or wandered around the house forgetting why I was wandering around the house =D



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