20 August 2009

Good week

So, I haven't posted since Monday.

Monday was pretty much sleeping.

On Tuesday, I went to the store with my brother and got a new bigger backpack that will fit all my stuff for the new year AND have room in case I need to carry some books.

Yesterday, we (Mom, Ash and I) went to Stadium to register. We went early because I still didn't (until talking with Miss E.) know if I was doing full days or half days. Well, I'm doing full days. And I am SO excited with my schedule. I'm taking Junior English, Algebra 3-4, Biology, World History?, Medical Careers, and Sophomore English. The reason for two English classes is because I need the first semester of Sophomore English and the second semester of Geometry, so next semester I'll take Geometry in that hour. Pretty much.

Umm, today was good. Auntie C was over, she stayed the night. She's a close family friend, so it's cool. We didn't do much (actually, nothing, at all) today, except work on iTunes. Totally new to me, I've never used it before. Then in the evening after the parents got home, Mom, C and I went out. We went to a friend's house, did some coffee and other general running, and then came home.

Tomorrow we have stuff planned.

BTW, I totally forgot what I did Monday and Tuesday for the most part...so if I can remember I'll edit it later.

Bye now,

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