07 August 2009

Today was good =)

Roo is over again, he's staying until Sunday.

Today I had a rough morning...Mom says I wasn't talking clearly when she woke me up to put my patch on. I also slept until like, noon, and I didn't feel all that great waking up.


Anyways, Ash and Roo and I went on a super long walk!
(Not the best choice in hindsight, I had a few episodes of weakness and was DEAD tired when we got home..)

We had fun though. I got some books at the book sale, and then we went to the park.
We taught Roo to go down the slide!!! He loved it lol.
He gets down on his belly, army crawls onto the slide from the platform, then does this little extra push and goes down. SUPER CUTE!!


Now, bed time soon. I'm exhausted.


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