13 August 2009


Why haven't I used "Tired" as a post title before?? Am I nuts? It's like....perfect.


My meeting with Kris went well, so that was good.
We talked a lot =)
After that Didi, (a friend up from Oregon) Ash and I went to the mall and hung out. I got some stuff for my room to help me keep organized this year. A whiteboard, and a paper organizer.

And then...today? Today I actually got up kinda early (for me anyways.)
Didi and I went for a walk. Then when Mom and Dad got home, I went with Mom when she took Ash and Didi to the boat.

And we had RAIN!! I mean like....North Dakota type rain. It was wonderful!

Then...we went to surprise a friend we haven't seen in like...2-ish years?
She used to be our downstairs neighbor, then she moved to California, and now she's back up here! So we surprised her tonight, and it was really good to see her again!

Saturday is my parent's company picnic. I'm excited because we get to see a friend we see only yearly. She was our (mine and Ash's) best friend in MN. Her dad worked at an Amazon partner there. Then, when we moved here, we thought we'd never see her again. Except her dad got transferred here too, so now we see her at the company picnic every year!!

So yeah. Oh, and a little good thing that happened. I got an email from a girl who is having some problems, and she reached to me for help after a friend recommended my blog.

That was cool, to know my blog is making some sort of impact somewhere.

So yeah.


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