21 May 2009

No school yet

I'm still not back in school, and we still haven't HEARD from the school, so I don't know when I'll be starting next week either.

Today was much fun though. I got up and almost immediately after I left with a friend who live in OR most of the time. We had a pretty good day hanging out and just doing pretty much nothing.

It was fun to get out without family and just feel normal.


Tomorrow will be cleaning....and...maybe some shopping. I kinda want a watch and I definitely want some shirts for summer. A lot of the ones I have don't fit right for my chair, as in when I'm in my chair they're much too low cut. Everyone is about 2 feet above me, so I try to cover up a bit extra.

And...hmm, I don't know what else. Yeah. No school tomorrow or Monday, so I would only have four days if I started on Tuesday, so I'm kinda wondering if I'll even get four days in next week.


Bye for now

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