20 May 2009

Back to school

So...I think I'll be going back to school sometime this week.

I'm feeling...apprehensive.

I don't know....I don't know if I'm ready yet. And I know that might be silly, because it's not a new school or anything...But I've been gone for the most part of almost three months. Actually it's closer to four.
When I start again I'll be switching some classes around, not teachers, just classes. I'll only have four classes now, and I won't start until 9:30.

Hopefully this will go smoothly. Hopefully I won't need to mess with my meds to help me get through the day, because that always throws my body off.

And biggest hope of all, I hope I'm able to get back on track for next year. My counselor thinks that maybe I'll be able to get back on track to do junior classes next year.

So. More on this later tonight or tomorrow.

Bye for now,

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