11 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day and other stuff

So my last few day's have been pretty interesting.

On Friday nothing happened.

We did stuff around the house, mowed the lawn...it was nice out.
Tori and I also sat outside sunning for a while, and I had an attack, it was only like 2 minutes though.
Then I had a fugue state and wandered. I ended up like, a block from the house. I had one of the attacks that happen slowly, and I was still able to move my eyes. 911 was called, but luckly all the fire fighters knew me... That made it much easier. They called my parents and Dad and Tori came and got me and took me home.

So....then...On Saturday we also went shopping to get the rest of the things we needed for Mother's Day. We got Mom 2 waffle makers because she's been wanting some. And we also got her some roses.

Sunday morning Dad and I got up early and went to get a few more things we needed to make breakfast, and we got Mom a few more little things.
We made breakfast, enjoyed the morning, and afternoon.
Haha and I watched Mom and Tori give Boom a bath, he looked like he was going to die.

Then I got to go to church with Ms. E and her mom! It was sooooo good to be back in church...I've really missed that.
We also went to Hungry Hungry Hippos, and ended up at Olive Garden. I had so much fun!
Ms. E and I pulled G duty so his mom could eat and talk and not worry about baby.
It was very enjoyable!!!

Then, home, bed, sleep (sorta) now here we are. TADA!


Bye now,


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