15 May 2009

I seem to be failing at this whole "posting" thing...

I know, I know. I suck

I haven't posted in forever...well, like, a half a week. BUT.

Nothing much has happened either.

Ummm....an exciting piece of news is about the boat. Ashy is part of Sea Scouts, and she's been wanting me to come. Mom was worried I'll fall overboard and die. I understand her fear, however many times I may scoff at it.


Some things have now been sorted out.
When I'm able to go on the boat, I will stay below the entire time we're sailing.
When I'm able to go, there will be a certain skipper there....he's a doctor.
And, I'll be using a life-vest the entire time per protocol like all the other kids.

So. That may be something fun happening soon.

So. That's all, still nothing about school, nothing from Children's, UW, or my dermatologist.


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