15 January 2009

Fugue State strikes again

I had a fugue state yesterday after my appointment with Kris. Mostly all of what follows was told to me. It'll be in green for clarification.

After my appointment with Kris, Ash had hers. Mom was asked to stick around so she could go in for a bit. While we waited for Kris to come back and get Mom, she paid for Ashy's appointment that was today. I slipped into the fugue somewhere in here. Kris came back out and grabbed Mom, I stayed in the waiting room.

Sometime afterwards I left the office. About a block down from the building there is the entrance to the BPA trails (City managed paved biking and walking trails). I went down one of those for a while, about half a mile. Then I went off the trail and most likely fell down the hill and was found near the creek. A boy from my school was walking and found me. My sister called me and they talked, he had already called 911. I was in and out, many many attacks. I remember him saying my name, and telling me he was helping me. Soon EMS arrived, and they assessed me. They were pretty good this time, and didn't do much painful stimulation, only a bruised ear lobe.

They helped me stand up, but I wasn't ready yet. My legs wouldn't support me. We tried again, and this time I was able to stand up, get my shoes on. I tried walking a few steps and went out again. They decided to carry me out on like...a nylon tarp because I couldn't stay alert and strong long enough to walk out. I woke up again in the ambulance. The paramedics were really nice, and quiet. That was cool, because normally the paramedics are really loud and like...hyper almost. I was still going in and out though. We got to St. Francis, and they brought me into a room. The nurses started undressing me (grrrr) and got me changed, plus they put me on oxygen and started an IV to draw blood. My family was there by then, actually Ash had rode with in the ambulance. Parents talked to the doc and they started releasing me almost as soon as I got there.

One big accomplishment is that my sibs were making me laugh, and I started going out. Mom was able to catch my attention and calm me down, and I didn't go out!! I'm sure that if I had been standing up I would have still collapsed but I never went full out...!!

So...then we went home and I ate, took a shower and went to bed.

Today has been okay, I only did a half day today. We decided yesterday to do it that way. Cause I was able to talk to my teachers about my CBA's/finals, and was also able to take it slowish.

It's bugging me that there is some senior trained as a lifeguard with glasses and dark hair walking around at my school who saw me completely incapacitated and I have no clue who!!!

well, bye.

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