08 October 2008

Yesterday was funn!

School started at the normal time. I made it through the classes okay; Art, English, and then Biology. I talked with all my teachers and we're making progress towards getting me caught up in my classes.

Then came lunch, because they had to have a lunch period for it to count as a half day. Tori and I went out to the courtyard because we just planned on eating at home. Then, as we were waiting for our bus, this huge fight broke out. Seems some kids thought that Boy A had a gun, and Boy B warned Boy A. Boy A said " I don't have a gun and I'm fine fighting them" so those two took off up to the corner. About 2 minutes later, the entire group of kids that had swarmed up to the corner came back down the hill. That meant that about 75 kids came rushing back down, and they decided to stop on the road in front of where my bus was trying to park. Then fight ensues, and drama drama drama. Turns out Boy A really didn't have a gun. He had brass knuckles instead. So this kid got his head cut very badly, plus his hands are torn up from trying to protect his face.

Gah. I love my new school I love my new school I love my new school.

Anyhoo! After that, Tori and I rode our regular bus home and Ash and H rode the normal bus home. H is a friend of ours, and she was coming to hang out after school. We all got home, and then we made nachos for lunch. After lunch, Ash, H, and I went rode the city bus to the mall. We hung out there for like...4 hours lol. Then we rode the city bus back home, and waited for dinner to be done. After dinner of cheese lasagna and garlic bread, I made some cookies while Tori, Ash, and H played Rockband. H's mom came and picked her up at about 8 o'clock.

I was playing with Boom when I had an attack...it lasted probably about 10 minutes, and I was on the deck so I was fine. A little cold but...haha Boomer was laying right up against me with his head on my stomach. I love him...

And then....Mom and Dad got home at about 10. They had been in North Bend catching up with a friend they haven't seen in 14 years!! He lived in MN, and I guess we used to see him all the time when we were young young, like up til we were 2. They seemed to have had an amazing time.

I stayed home today. I had two attacks this morning before school....I didn't get enough sleep last night. So early to bed today.

Oh, and I get to see Kris today!!! That'll be good.
Plus maybe after Ash gets home we'll go to the library so I can return my books. I've had too much free time on my hands and I'm all done with my books.


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