28 October 2008


Today was absolutely awesome!!!!!

I made it to my first three classes on time, and through them just fine.
In Biology Miss E came in and talked to the kids. I was going to...but, I just couldn't. It's embarrassing sometimes.

Then, lunch time. I didn't eat, so I was in the nurse's office for a few. Then L, the school psychologist, came to get me. She wanted to catch me so we could do my Special Ed testing.

So, I was doing that 4th through 6th period, but at least we got it all done.

Notice no mention of some crazee incident? That's cause there wasn't one. I had one short, SHORT, 2 minute attack while working on some math.

That's all!!

Then, school was over, and Ash and I went to GSA. We were there until probably 3:30.
Bro took us home, then Ash and I walked (rolled) to the library to get some books.

We got out in front of the fire station, and I got onto the sidewalk from the gravel. As we headed down the sidewalk to the driveway of the fire station, we saw the garage door opening so we waited for them to get out, and pull out of the driveway.

But they didn't lol. One of the firefighters, we'll call him HG (Happy Guy) was like, waving his arm of at me through the window of the truck. They stopped and he was like. "Bri? Right?" I nodded, and so he jumped out of the truck, then the guy driving, QG (Quiet Guy) and one of the guys in the back, YG (Young Guy) got out and came over. And we talked. It was cool. HG commented on how nice it was to see me upright and awake. LOL.

And we talked about how I've been doing in regards to the meds, and that I only had one attack today. And I thanked them. A lot. They asked if they could do anything if they see me. But honestly, they're amazing. Very patient and understanding. And they don't do unnecessary things. They were glad to see me doing better. They told me to feel free to stop by to talk, or just check in and let them know what was going on.

So. That helped make my day better. And then Ash and I got new books. We waited a bit for Mom and Dad, and once they picked us up we went to QFC to get foods. And pumpkins!!!

We carved pumpkins, Ash and Tori and I. Tori did a peace sign, Ashy did a moon and sun thing,(that was totally awesome), and I did a kitty face. I figured A would appreciate that. She's our next door neighbor, and she's 3? and soo cute lol.

So, those are done. And I'm just happy.



Okies. I think that's pretty much it.

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