28 October 2008

Some other stuff

We found some info last night involving narcolepsy and twins.

What it says, in one study, is basically this.

Narcolepsy in mono zygotic (genetically identical) twins.

For the second born twin, which is me, Narcolepsy developed normally, that is started at about 15, and followed the normal course.

For the first born twin, which is Ash, according to this study, narcolepsy symptoms didn't start until much much later in life, like, 50. And it was triggered by long term poor sleep habits and a large amount of stress.

So...just some things to think on.

If the attacks are Cataplexy, which it seems they may very well be, then there's the strong possibility that I do have Narcolepsy, or will be exhibiting the other symptoms soon.

Which could be scary for Ash. And us.

BUT, its nothing to get freaked out about yet. Maybe not at all. Just, something to think on.


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