13 October 2008

I'm soooo happy!!

I saw Dr. H today. We've ruled out seizures, and probably CD,

So now I'm going to try something for Cataplexy. I'm actually excited about it. It's been brought up many many times that my attacks look, and act like Cataplexy, in that they're triggered by emotion, and I'm still awake during the attacks.

The drug I'm trying is called Concerta. It contains one of the same ingredients that Ritalin does, but it's a much larger amount. The dose I'm starting at is the lowest possible, because we want to see how I react. If nothing changes good or bad, then I'll double it, which Dr. H said should help if its Cataplexy. The only real side effect to watch for is high blood pressure. When I have an attack, my blood pressure rises temporarily. During bad days, it stays high for most of the day. Like today, I had about 4 attacks, and so when they took my blood pressure in the office it was like..163/87

Soo....I'm happy! I just keep imagining being able to come back from Thanksgiving break, and NOT being in my wheelchair!!!

Yesh, I am very very thrilled.

Well, I think I am going to go crash on the couch and watch some TV.


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