03 October 2008

Yesterday and today's news.

So, yesterday morning we had my Special Education evaluation. Basically, all my teachers agreed that given the opportunity I was fully capable of doing the work and fully enthusiastic.

So it was agreed that I qualify for Special Instruction, which basically means that class work will be tailored to fit what I can do. Like, less practice as long as I can show I'm competent in a skill, extra time for projects if I need it, possibly short essays instead of long ones if it's deemed appropriate. Although honestly, I have no trouble whipping out a 5-7 paragraph essay that's well written and thorough in a little over an hour. Thanks Mrs. K!

Plus, once I get my Para, class should go much smoother. If I miss school or a class for hospital stays or doctors appointments or because I'm sick or whatever, my Para will still go to my classes to collect any work or notes I might have, then one of my sissies will bring it home. Also, then my teachers will be able to teach better, because right now in class they have to worry about watching me in case I went out, and if I did how long ago I went out, etc. etc.

So. I stayed home again today, just because we knew it would happen, the long set of attacks, and it did. But when I start school again next week the Lamictal will be out of my system and my hope is things will be back to normal, my normal anyways.

Oh, and I'll also most likely be switching out of Medical Careers and taking a study hall-type class 6th instead. I'm bummed but it's what I need. And since I still have two more years of school after this I'll still be able to complete the Medical Careers/Intro to Nursing course.


Oh, and Ms. E said she found me some hand lotion that doesn't get slimy and oily. I need some, but I can never find any that doesn't make me hate wearing my gloves. Cause she rocks. So I'll be seeing her some time this weekend. What a drag, dude...



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