29 October 2008

Good Day part 2

Actually it's more of a duplicate.

Only much better!!

I made it to all 6 classes. And, and, not one single attack. Even when I saw the overwhelming amounts of Geometry homework I need to make up. =(

But, we're getting things figured out slowly.
And we have some ideas as to how school is gonna change pretty soon.
I'll be dropping Medical Careers, and most likely Biology as well.
I'm also thinking about setting my Geometry to a No Mark class. Meaning I'll still be responsible for completing the work and learning the material, but because I've already passed 1st semester of Geo I don't need another credit for Geo 1, and so I just won't have a grade for the class this semester.

I'm just happy. Very much so actually.
Things are finally looking up.

And tomorrow is our last day of school for the week. So a short day cause we have an assembly at the end of the day. The plans for classes seem fun...


But, I did have a gross moment in Geo today. I was trying to do a program for area and circumference of circles. But, I would do a problem, and then need to use the same formula for the next problem. Only even if the problems were the same in a row (area, then area) I would forget the formula from problem to problem. I'm sure it's just that I haven't been memorizing in a while, but still....made me kinda nervous.

So. Things are doing well overall.

I guess....


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