21 October 2008


I know its been a few days. I've just...not felt up to posting. Didn't have the urge at all whatsoever.

I actually don't remember what happened Friday. I'll have to ask some of the family to find out.

On Saturday we had some people over. One of Dad's car club buddies wrecked his Maxima, so they were tearing it down and parting it out in our garage. So there was like, three extra guys here. Us girls went shopping to get some things from the pet store and some groceries. Bed kinda late and then on to the next day.

Sunday we had a boatload of people here. Besides the FIVE extra guys tearing apart the car and us 6, we also had some friends over, B and N and their son. It was sooo fun!! L is doing so good. He's much more open towards us, and he even let me pick him up for a bit so we could 'talk' to my birdies. When he wanted to play he asked for 'together' so we knew to come play with him.

Monday was eh. I had one attack at the end of 2nd and it went all the way through 3rd, like 45 minutes. I woke up and was kinda ready for class and Tori was there, but she was like, you should go home. Because in 5th the classroom is reallly hot due to the computers. So, Bro was on his way, but before he got there someone pulled the fire alarm. Luckily I was with the nurse so we just went over by the gym under the cover to stay out of the rain. Bro got there about the time the fire trucks pulled up so he got there just in time.

Today...not so much. I had an attack while I was getting ready which is normally okay....but then I forgot to take my meds. I was trying to get out the door so Bro could get me to school on time. At least we know they work though. Cause I had a total of four attacks by 1. I did try. I made it to 3 of my six classes.

I just took my meds and something for my headache, and hopefully this afternoon is gonna go much better.


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Laura said...

Wow...sounds like the new med is working better than the others. That's awesome! Hopefully one day you will have found a combination that allows you to have no attacks. Have faith and keep hanging in there!

I'm glad to see a new post from you. I was wondering if all was ok. It sounds like life is busy, but going ok...especially when you don't forget your meds! LOL

Lotsa luv! :o)