09 October 2008

I don't understand....

What happened last night? My head has a big bruise....and scratches in a patch. My right shoulder hurts really bad.

Mom explained what happened...a little. I guess, I guess I had a fugue state. And walked for a long bit. My phone is missing, and I'm sore.

And the last thing I remember is getting ready to go to bed last night. I still hadn't changed into my PJ's.

But, the worst part is that something much worse could have happened, and I'm so scared. I just want to be fixed....this needs to be fixed now.

I need this fixed....this is crushing my family. And me.

*EDIT. We found my phone...it was at the end of someones driveway not far from where I was found. The camara screen was broken, but the lens is fine, no scratches or anything. Plus a few dents in the casing...I was planning on getting a new case anyways.

And we're looking into personal GPS locators. It's a bracelet, and gives exact location. It hasn't come out yet, but very soon.

I think the next time I have a really long attack mom and dad should just take me to Children's. Then they would help....and we wouldn't have to wait for 4-5 months. IDK...I just want something, anything.


Wade Odum said...

Bri, I'm SO sorry this is happening to you. I can't imagine what you're going through.
I'm going to create a calendar reminder to pray for you every day, so that each time I go to my computer, there will be a reminder to pray for you.
I wish I could do more. I'll do my best to be available by FB when you want to connect or vent.
Take care, peace and blessings-

Life on Pause said...

It's always appriciated Wade. You're in my prayers as well.

Laura said...

I'm so sorry, Bri! Dissociative fugues are SOOO scary for everyone involved!! Thank God you are relatively ok! I hope they are infrequent.

You are always in my prayers!

:o) Laura