27 October 2008

Hey y'all

So, good morning, rough afternoon.

I was cruising through 1st, 2nd, and most of 3rd. But towards the end of class I caught my teacher so I could talk to her about possible ways to make up my Bio homework. I'm about 2 chapters worth of work behind...

I wondered at the possibility of me doing like, an awesome poster board highlighting the outline and then detailing the info in Chapter 1, the chapter I missed completely due to the frequent attacks while on the Lamictal. My concern was in that I'm now two-three assessments behind, and I'm worried about being able to catch up on time if all I can do is the assigned bookwork and labs. That's why I proposed said awesome poster board.

She told me that while it was a good idea, she felt that I really needed to do the P&P's and such for Chapter 1, which means like, at least a week of work at this point.

I'll be honest. I was stressed. Out of my mind actually. The whole, "OMG I'm never going to get caught back up in my classes, therefore not be able to graduate on time, therefore fail at life" thing came on. (BTW I'm not saying anything against whether people graduate HS on time or get their GED, but for me, that's a personal requirement.)

So, I needed to calm down. And blow my nose. So I asked to 'step' outside the classroom. Actually, me knowing my history, I just opened the door a bit and leaned out.

Then, from what I've been told, I slipped into a fugue state. Got up out of my chair, and headed for the stairs. (I was in a third floor class.) Now, this is where it gets scary. We don't know if I actually fell down the stairs, or had an attack after I got off the stairs.

So, off to the hossy for me. And...just sucky time.


I was fine, just had to be checked out.

So, then we went back to the school, and I talked to Miss E, and I talked to Ms. W. She was worried, but I'm good. I'm gonna talk to the class tomorrow.

So...I have more news, but it can wait for tomorrow. I'm tired.


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