04 October 2008

Pizza bones and water rocks.

So, this be dog. His favorite leftover meal in the world is pizza bones (pizza crusts) and water rocks (ice cubes.) He enjoyed tonight cause we had...Pizza and cold soda!
Yeah he's spoiled!
Today was good. I had a lot of attacks still, but they weren't nearly as long or bad as they were. I stopped taking the Lamictal today. By the time I get back in school Tuesday I should be back to my normal.
I went to the store with Mom, and then Tori's friend came over and they dyed each other's hair. Now Tori has black on the bottom...it actually doesn't look to bad.
Oh, and I get to see Ms. E tomorrow...same time same place. Change is bad lol.
So....today was boring, and tomorrow should be less boring.

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