23 October 2008

Not so good night.

I had a fugue state about two, three hours ago.

I was around the library or something IDK.

I had monitor pads on me, and my chest hurts just a lil bit, and I kinda sorta remember white lights. Ambulance I think/assume.

I woke up in the truck and daddy helped me inside to bed. I rested for a bit, then talked to mom for a bit.

We talked about how I've been feeling lately, how quickly my emotions change...And just talked in general. I liked that. I shared some of the stuff I've been doing with Kris with her.
She told me to stop worrying soo much about school. She said it's understandable to be stressed, especially given how important school is to me. But she said that I'm stressing a bit too much. I'm expecting much more from myself than is needed. Even though I've missed a lot, its kind of expected.

Right now I'm just going to try to focus on getting better. Really everything will work out much easier if I'm better.


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