02 November 2008


My arm still hurts pretty badly, but my ear is better. And I haven't had a single attack since Tuesday!

I'm having a hard time with writing. Typing I can do one-handed, but writing just makes my arm scream. I've been working on Bio all weekend but since half of it was done with my hurt arm and the other half with my left hand, it looks like a three year old did it. At least I was able to type the assessment and email it to my teacher. I'm gonna talk to Mrs. B tomorrow about my arm. See if she recommends anything to help while I'm in school.

But I was able to go to the mall with my Bro and his GF and Tori. I tried on a dress for Fall Formal, and it didn't look too bad while I was sitting down. But the fact that if I go I'll have to use the chair sucks.

Now I'm just gonna finish chores and proly laze all night. Or cruise the net!


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