28 November 2008

Black Friday=endless

Long day. I had to get up at 6 for meds, that wasn't a change, but I couldn't go back to sleep. Pooh. Both my extra days off and I've gotten up at 6 and not been able to go back to sleep. Maybe my body LIKES getting up at 6 on the weekdays >:(

Anyhoo. We did shopping today, just Mom and I. I got all the things for gifts for family (except Mom, that'll be a secret mission) Now I don't really have to worry about Christmas shopping. WOOT!!

But now Mom deserves a badge or medal or something...she went shopping with first my Dad, then Tori, then me, then we took Tori to her dental thingy, then Ash to her friend's house, then..then home. She and Dad and us girls have had long days lol.

And, sometime this weekend I'll be getting the coloring books and bringing them to Mary Bridge. That'll be sooo fun!!

And...umm...IDK what else. Church on Sunday with Ms. E, *possibly* movies tomorrow?

Yup. It's official. I'm tired.
Haha I like this

It's what I live by.


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