17 November 2008

New news.

So. Doctor's appointment went well...and not quite as I expected.

Where to start? At the beginning?

Well, Mom and Dad let me walk in! I didn't even know until we were on the way.

Which was awesome...the ceilings were so...low. And it was verrrry odd being in an elevator while standing. I realized I was kinda off balance when I stepped out. LOL

Then. I checked in, got weighed and measured (I'm a full inch taller then I thought I was...I'm 5' 4 1/2"!)

And we waited for Dr. H. When he came out he said he wanted to get my BP again, once when I was sitting then again while I was standing. Odd, but okay. SO we did that, then went back to his office. First of all, he knew something was up cause no chair.

Then, we looked at a different condition, not Cataplexy. Something called OI, or Orthostatic Intolerance.


Basically, it explains the attacks, as well as the hair and nails. Plus, heat is one of the known triggers for OI, while it wasn't for Cataplexy.

We're staying on the same medication, because it's used to treat OI as well as Cataplexy, and I was told to drink lots more water. So it's hard to tell which is which, what it actually is. Honestly, especially since the meds are the same, and one treatment just involves more water, I don't care.

Good thing though. I showed him my emergency info, which he liked. But he was like, "Don't put Conversion Disorder on there. First off, it's not Conversion Disorder, and I'll be changing that as your official diagnoses as soon as I know what to put in it's place. Second, the few people that actually do know what CD is almost always get it confused with malingering, I.E. doing something for secondary gain."

So. Good good.

And about the chair. He said not using it at home is fine, not using it at the movies/store/out is fine. BUT...school is another thing. He said he'd like me to push myself to see how I do without the chair, but school isn't the place to do it. After 2-3 months, then no chair at school. *SIGH* So after Christmas Break...no more chair. But Dad is gonna have to tinker with it or it's gonna fall apart soon.

So. That's all. Geo is going well, I've almost got a full other chapter done. And Intro, English, and WC are all caught up. So that's good.

Well, I'm off for now.

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