25 November 2008

I'm tired

I am...So I didn't post yesterday.

And I'm not sure if this post will have much today.
I got to stand up today at school.(w/o the helmet) I told Mrs. B I really needed to get up and stretch and she was fine with it...I may ask to do it more often. It felt good to stand up and stretch after sitting for 3+ hours. And I found out I'm taller then Amy, my para. LOL. But you know what? She came out of the bathroom, saw me standing, and didn't freak. She just got a big smile on her face and said it was nice to see me standing. I <3>

Other than that....IDK. Not much. I'm tired. And Thanksgiving break is almost here..so that's good. And for once I have weekend plans, before the weekend lol.

Oh...I'm much closer to getting caught up in Geo. Now I'm only one chapter behind them! That's exciting for me.

Soo....more tomorrow. Promise. I have a Dr's appointment and an IEP meeting, but other then that we only have a half day so I should have more energy to do stuff.

Hey whada ya know. It had "stuff"


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