23 November 2008

A new experience, one step closer to the Lord

Today I met with Ms. E for coffee. While we sat and drank our caffeine, the subject of church came up, and I was invited to join her at church. I accepted, and my Mom agreed to let me go, and at 6:15 we headed out.

Tonight was a new experience. Not only did I not use my chair, which is an accident in hindsight, it was also my first time in a Catholic church in a very long time.

Everything was new, except Ms. E. I had a good time though...it's been very long since I set foot in a church, and I enjoyed it. I learned some of the hymns, learned how the mass went. I loved the sermon. To sum it up, "Be kind to everyone you meet, for we are all fighting some kind of battle." Of course it wasn't presented like that, but in layman's terms that was it.

Then, while everyone was taking Communion, I collapsed. Had an attack. *sigh*
Actually, I had two tonight. Much too much new. My body also didn't like the up-down aspect, or the heat.

But, even with all of it, I'm glad I made the decision to go. I want to go again, first chance I get.

Thank you Ms. E, for giving me the opportunity.

Thank you Lord, for protecting me and surrounding me with a friendly group of people.

Thanks, to all of my support system.

It's just a minor setback, and it won't stop me!!


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