01 November 2008

Am I like, cursed?

Cause a second thing brought me to the doc's today. When I woke up I had a bite on my arm, no big deal. But as I was helping move Squish and HER baby out of the big cage, these sharp pains shot up and down my arm, out from the bite.

Dad looked at it and said he wanted us to get it checked out because we weren't sure what bit me, so we went to the urgent care clinic.

The doctor there said there weren't signs of infection yet, but the fact that it was hard and made my arm muscles hurt *could* be an issue. So he prescribed a cortisone? cream, and said if it turns purple or shows signs of necrosis to go to the ER.

Right now it just hurts really bad, and I'm actually worried that it isn't a spider bite. When I raise my arm above my arm, the bump raises, like something is under the skin. Maybe I'm just being paranoid cause I broke my needle while I was sewing last night and can't find the tip. I guess we'll know in a few days.

So....yeah. Homework and chores. I'm out.


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