16 November 2008

Been a while

A bit over a week actually.

Sorry for that.

Anyways...I've been doing good!! Still no attacks. My last one was on the 28th of October. I'm so excited. But guarded to. It's...I don't know. Kinda hard to explain.

If all goes well, then by Wednesday I should be able to go to the store/mall/movies/out in general with no chair.

School will be harder though. Still no para, and being able to not use the chair will take time.

Because it isn't just about me. Tomorrow I'll see Dr. H. If he says three weeks is still long enough, then at home I can stop using the chair. With school, we'll be doing something entirely different.

What will probably happen is this. After we work out a plan, I'll use the chair to get to school and go from class to class. But in the classroom I'll be able to not use the chair.

But...I'll have to talk to my classes, all of them this time. I don't think all the kids in my classes know I can walk and such, and me like, suddenly standing up would definitely confuse some of them.

SOOOOO...I don't know. I know this is kind confusing. I promise tomorrow I'll have more comprehensive post in the PM.



Laura said...

YAAAAAAYYYY! I'm sooo glad you are still doing well!!!

:o) Laura

Blake said...

I am so happy to hear that you are doing well. You are handling this remarkably and your strength in this is amazing. If you need anything, you know we are here for you.