05 November 2008

Very Superior

I had a good day today.

This morning we went to school early for my Special Ed meeting.
During the meeting I found out the scores of my testing.

Academics were very good, with all but my math calculation score being >12.9, meaning I tested college level on them. My math calculation score was 8.9. Which means I definitely need help in Math. Even though I've done and passed Algebra 1&2, and Geometry 1, I don't know the formulas any more, or how to work out the problems.

The IQ test said I was in the 'High Average' range for my age. A lot of the test sections I got superior or very superior on, but a few were low average, like some of the ones related to memory. Which I kinda guessed would happen.

So, it was decided that I do qualify for Special Education under the 'Health Impairment' category.

With it, my 6th period will change to a study skills class, and my 3rd will change to a lower level math class, possibly an individual instruction Algebra class, so I can relearn the Algebra skills I need while still getting caught up in Geo.

So. This is good.

After the meeting, Dad and I drove Mom to Seattle for work. Then, we waited for Bro up there so we could give him some money.
While we were waiting for Bro, we decided to just make an appointment with Dr. S tomorrow for my arm. It isn't unbearable, and the urgent care clinic is walk-in and there's no way to tell how long it might take, and we were running short on time.

So. Then we headed back to the house, stopped and got lunch on the way. We rested for a few minutes, and then went to go get Ash and Tori for our afternoon appointments.

So, I went first with Kris, so Dad could go in to Tori's dental appointment and not have to worry about me.

We talked about some stuff, mostly about how I tend to be so logical I'm not emotional...at least when it would be okay to be both.

Then...home. And once Ash got home from her appointment, we walked (rolled) to the Library. And I got to wave to the firefighters lol. I plan on stopping by next week and telling them how well it's been going. I think the attacks being under control is definitely something they would like to know.

So. That's been my day. Very very very busy lol.

I'm tired but I wanna watch my show. So I'm gonna wait for a bit before bed.


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