08 November 2008

"I rowed ovuh!!"

Yeah..gotta love the parentals.

So I saw Dr. S Thursday about my arm. He looked at it, said the *possible* reason it isn't healing is because there is a minor Staph infection underneath the skin, which is also causing the hard lump and nerve issues.
So antibiotic for me, if it doesn't get better by the time the course is done or gets worse go back blah blah blah. I've heard that part before...

I also got a flu shot, cause the nurse's office is where sick people and Bri go lol. A just-in-case sort of thing.


I had an okay turned bad day yesterday.
I was fine 1st and 2nd, but 3rd is where the stress started and BOOM!
No I didn't have an attack...just minor emotional meltdown due to some idiot.

Being in Bio is really getting to me...I know no matter how hard I work, I won't get credit for what I do because I'm dropping the class and taking it next year. But I haven't been told it's okay for me to stop worrying about the work, to stop doing the work, so I still feel responsible for turning it in and doing well on it. Hence the stress.

And so I went to the nurse's office during lunch, and...melted a bit. I was sitting there, and I needed to use the bathroom, which itself sucks cause of the helmet, but as soon as I said I needed to go, Tori started scrambling to get her things together so she could run back there with me. I yelled at her...I was upset. I'm already as safe as I can be in there, her sitting 20 feet away doesn't help anymore. I just wanted to be alone.

I wasn't mad, although the Mrs. B (the nurse) said Tori had thought I was angry at her. I wasn't...I was upset. Mrs. B was walking me to 4th, but IDK. The thought of having to sit in a noisy room full of kids who don't take class seriously was enough to make me cry. Ball really. 4th was a scratch. I went back to Mrs. B's office and sat at the back in her office and did work. Calmed down and focused. Then went to 5th and worked on some programs. I'll take my test on Monday.

Then...6th. In 6th I've been told to not worry about the work, its basically a holding place for me right now, as we can't change my schedule yet but same with Bio I won't be earning credits. So after the teacher introduced class I asked if I could go to Mrs. B's office and do some stuff there like shredding old records. She was fine with it so that's what I did 6th.

Then when I got home, Ash and I walked (rolled) to the Library and got some books. And then sat outside for a bit. And I told the firefighters that the hose had fallen (they were filling the water tank on the truck.) I really want to be able to tell them how well I've been doing, but I didn't know either of the firefighters that came out...so it was awkward. So, next Tuesday. Cause I know the people who work on Tuesdays.

Then, prescription, dinner stuffs, home. Dinner, bed.


And today I might be going to the Library again to work on some English stuff with one of my classmates, A. I wonder if Mom will let me not use the chair. Hmmm...


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