12 July 2009

Winnie the Pooh!

I had much fun today with Ms. E!!

We went to a Starlight Great Escape, a Winnie the Pooh play put on by a local kids' theatre.

It was a super fun, super cute play. And the kids were great, they all seemed to know their lines, and I only noticed 1 slip up. (I'm looking from the eye of a former stage worker, not being judgmental)

So it was cool. Then we came home and ate linner at Panera.


Tomorrow morning she's bringing Roo over. I'm going to be watching him for the next week, which will be fun. It'll kind of give me a look into what it'll take for me to really be responsible for my own dog. Like, I'm responsible for Boomer, but, everyone in the family cares for him. With a service dog, it will be only my job to take care of the dog, unless I'm unable to.

So yeah.


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