03 July 2009

mmmm....Red Robin

We had Red Robin for dinner and it was nummy!

So yesterday. Was busy, but good.

I got to Blake and Nick's early, and the day was pretty low key. It involved a lot of driving, but not a lot of excitement lol. I had fun though. I love going over their. And L is such a cutie!

I DID try to nap this time, but was unsuccessful. I had an episode of what I *think* is sleep paralysis. I obviously can't say for sure, but. Anyways. It sucked, and I didn't get any sleep, and I felt a bit rattled for the rest of the day.

Blake and I ended up picking up my mom at the train (popo fain in L speak) and going to our house. Then to dinner, Blake and L and Mom and I. Yup, that was fun!

Umm. So yeah.

Today also not much, basically housework and trying to keep cool. But we did go out for dinner =D

Tomorrow we're going over to a friend's house for the holiday. It'll be fun. They have a very nice view of the Sound, and you can see all the fireworks from the different areas.


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