22 July 2009


Has been slow. Not that I haven't had stuff to say, I just haven't had the motivation to post. Which, also isn't actually because I'm not interested in this blog, I just.....I like sleep. I have been spending a LOT of time sleeping...

Anyways. Yesterday Ash and I took the city bus to the movies, and we saw Monsters vs. Aliens.
It was good! And super cute. After the movie we walked to the mall and hung out in Borders.

Then....today we went and looked at a house. It's not in this school district, so it'd be a new school. But it's an AWESOME, awesome house and property, so I can't argue...I mean, I don't want to move but. We're going to be putting an offer in on it, so possibly moving soon.

If we don't get that house, we're staying where we're at. For good. So either we're moving or we aren't and that'll be the end.

Tomorrow a friend is coming from Chicago. I'll share more on that later.



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