01 July 2009

Farmer's Market

YESTERDAY, I went to Blake and Nick's for the afternoon so Bro could have some free time.

It was VERY fun. I don't often (ok, almost never) get to run after a small child with bundles of energy, so it was a good workout. And, I slept really well! We walked (rolled) to a farmer's market about 6 block from their house. It was a longer distance than I'm used to all at once, but it actually wasn't that bad. We rested enough in between that I didn't struggle from weakness or tiredness on the way back. And, yeah. I just had loads of fun. I'm going over again tomorrow!!!

Today was fun as well. I didn't use my chair going into Kris's, which was cool. She was surprised to see me without the chair. We also sat outside, which was fun. A bit windy, but it was still fun.

So yeah. Tomorrow I'm going to Blake and Nick's in the morning.

OH! I signed us (family) up for a Great Escapes today! We're going to the Seattle Aquarium on the 19th. SO excited!



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