17 July 2009

Too hot for me today

It was wayyyy too hot for me today. It got up into the 90's and was about 80 in the house. I basically spent the day in bed or in the cars. (The cars are cooler =P)

Ummm, Roo went home today! I really enjoyed the opportunity to watch him, because it gave me some insight as to what it would be like to raise and train my own service dog. He wanted to be either outside (Boomer didn't eat him!!!!) or with me. And if we were sitting outside for more than 10 minutes, and I came in, he'd follow me.


I didn't get much done though as far as chores or anything. My big toe, right foot, keeps getting infected. This is the second time in two weeks. Now, we've been trying to deal with nail related infections at home and for the most part we've been able to. But the nail is just NOT happy. So, may have to go see Dr. S about removal, antibiotics...IDK yet.

We heard from Dr. P today. I was supposed to be getting the spinal tap I need for Stanford at MB, but he informed us today that the hospital doesn't have to capabilities to ship the sample. And, it's understandable... the CSF has to be frozen to -80 F within 30 minutes of the draw.

So, we're going to call Stanford again and see if they have worked with any doctors in the area who have drawn AND shipped samples to them before. If not, we can wait until we go down in October...it's another diagnostic test, and it may change my treatment, but right now I'm doing okay. So it's not as big a deal.

Annnnnd. Yeah. Okay, long post, WELL overdue.

Probably more tomorrow. We have friends coming over, then Sunday is the Aquarium!!! EEE!!!
And And And, I might not have to use my chair! Depends on how I'm feeling and how hot it is and and and lol

Bye now

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Thess said...

what do you mean "sunday is the aquarium"?