29 July 2009

Too hot

Today Seattle broke record highs. Actually, it got to the hottest it's ever been dating back to like, 1891. 102 degrees Fahrenheit last I heard. So, I'm basically having flashbacks of Minnesota summer, and realizing that if we still lived there, I might be dead right about now.

Anyways, too hot to do much of anything including posting. My week has consisted of chugging cups of ice water, staying in a tank and shorts all day, and hiding out up in my parent's room, because its only 71 degrees in there.

Pretty much.

I didn't go to Kris's today, simply because it would've been too hot in the rooms for me. As it was, I was getting floppy at dinner. We went to this delicious Japanese buffet. It wasn't the kind with a ton of American food though, which I liked. Many, many different types of sushi, which I had some of. I also had a couple of Japanese pastries, and some other fun good food.

Now, it is time for me to go melt into a puddle of goo.


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