25 July 2009

L's Birthday

It's L's birthday today, and we're having a party for him here. He's turning 3! Its so exciting to look back and see the progress he's made in the last year. You see, he has ASD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder. This time a year ago he wasn't verbal. I think he had like, 10 signs and maybe as many words, if that. He wasn't comfortable with us yet, so we didn't get to interact with him much.

Now, he'll ask to be picked up so he can see the birds. He'll ask you to come play with him in his ever so cute voice. "Bee, Pay?"
He's pretend playing, that is, taking cars and making them drive on roads, making the Fisher Price people walk and talk. Before, he would just line them up.

We got him a table and chair set, some new pieces for his train set, and a little crawl tent. I hope he enjoys it all! I'll update later with how it went.

It was super fun!! I had a blast. And L certainly seemed to enjoy his time and gifts =)
The one downside, it was very hot. So I hid upstairs in Mom and Dad's room with the AC and slept. And later on, B and I had a heart to heart. I've had some rough days in the past week, mostly Tuesday, and B was worried. I love him dearly for it!

Anyways, everything went great and was fun!


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