19 July 2009

Seattle Aquarium

Okay, so yesterday was very fun. We had friends over for a BBQ, with some super funny conversations lol. And Yeah, yesterday was fun.

Then todayyy, we went to the Aquarium. It was SOOO FUN!

We got there about 10, and wandered through the exhibits. I did end up using my chair, because we had no idea how crowded or hot or stressful it might be. It was a bit hard for me to maneuver in some spots, but it actually wasn't the fault of the aquarium, more the guests there. Most people were very polite, and I wasn't pushy by any means....I probably could have actually spoke up more.

I think my favorite exhibit was the Pacific Coral Reef. And the jewel tanks. My second was River Otters...they were VERY playful!!

I got a little magnet-clip seal as a souvenir.

After the aquarium, we went looking for lunch. The first restaurant we tried was called the Crab Pot. I'm sure they're usually very good, but they were inconsiderate when trying to seat us so we didn't end up eating there. They tried seating us at a table for 4, in the middle of a crowded dining room. The waiter suggested I sit at the end of the table! If the table had been bigger and in a larger space it wouldn't have been an issue. But I would have been in the way of the other customers, if I had sat at the end my chair would've been up against another diners'.

So we went to Steamers. Very good food, friendly wait staff.

Thennnn....Home. All in all a very good day.

And I hope we can do it again!

And now I'm maybe going to go on a walk.


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