03 February 2009

Funnies from class today.

"Why were you late?"
Said distractedly "Oh cause I made up a very creative swear word and Coach wasn't impressed. Had to do push-ups"

The teacher talking about love...

"Well, my mother told me when I was young that it's just as easy to love a rich girl as it is a poor one so...might as well love the rich on right?"
"Oh yeah? How did that work out?" (said by random boy)
"Well, I'm a teacher at a public high school so...."

Anyways. Yeah. School is going. No health issues. I did have an attack on Sunday.

Ash and I were walking to the park from the sidewalk in front of the fire station. I had just finished asking one of the fire fighters about the rabbits we'd seen hopping around. One of the other fire fighters popped out of the side door to say "hi" as we were walking and scared me and I went down. No big deal, it was only like, 3 min and Mom and Ash got me into the truck. I don't even think the guy was still out when I fell, so.


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