16 February 2009

Happy 2nd G!

Ah....good day yesterday!

We went to the pet store and got Ty a parakeet...it seems to be helping with the loneliness. Although I was just in the kitchen for a few and as soon as I walked out of the room he began hi incessant chirping....

We had some friends over, which was cool.

Then I went to church! It was so good to be back there. I'm so much more comfortable with mass now.

And the sermon was nice....Father W was talking about how fundamental the need for human contact is, in conjuncture with the story of the leper who had the courage to approach Jesus and ask to be healed. Jesus, out of pity, reached out and healed him. This enabled the leper to receive human contact again. Father W said that in a way, we are all the leper in the story. We're all holding something inside or have something outside that creates a barrier between us and others. He then asked us to be like Jesus in the story. To reach out to those who are different, and to not be afraid of the consequence.

But the part about touch...it was interesting to me. It ties in with my attacks. You see, during my attacks, its like I'm paralyzed, but still fully awake. It doesn't matter how hard I try, I can't respond before my body is ready. And so EMS responders (firefighters, EMT, Paramedics, ER personnel) treat me as unconscious because of my lack of response. But I'm still awake, and can hear and feel everything that is being done. Very rarely does anyone take the time to talk TO me instead of over me. Same with touch. Unless its to attach something to me or check something, very rarely does anyone touch to comfort me. I can FEEL it though. And that helps SO much, just a simple gesture of reassurance. It makes me less scared, stressed, angry. And it helps. So why is it that one of the most fundamental human needs can't be fulfilled in emergency response? Why can't EMS be taught simple, cheap, yet very effective ways of comforting patients? A hand on the shoulder, a quick touch on the forehead, it doesn't have to be anything special. And, ALWAYS talk to the unconscious patient! You have no idea how much they can hear.


In other news,
G turns 2 on Tuesday, so we had a birthday dinner in celebration at Hungry Hungry Hippos yesterday. I became the babysitter of sorts. It was TOTALLY WICKED! lol jkjk

I fed him and kept him entertained so his momma could enjoy her meal and talk, and get a little break. I loved it, she loved it, G certainly loved it. He's such a flirt lol.

So. That was yesterday.
Ty is now sitting on my shoulder preening. He's like the clingy boyfriend I never had lol.


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