17 February 2009

Mr.C sets himself up

Today at school sucked. But I did have a funny moment this morning.

The sub nurse and the assistant were late, so me and about 5-6 other kids were standing/sitting around the Health Room door.

Mr. C saw us all, and after the third time of him walking by and seeing us all sitting there, he came over.

"Okay ladies and gentlemen, everyone needs to stand up. Come on, everyone stand. That's it."

I poke my head out from behind the girl on crutches.

"Uhh, Mr. C? I think I'm gonna, you know, just stay sitting. That okay?"

(I of course was in my wheelchair.)

So, then the entire entrance burst out in laughter, Mr. C included, and he also acknowledged that he had set himself up for that one.


Good time good time.


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