13 February 2009

Sad today

Liv, my female cockatiel, passed away today. It seems she became egg-bound. There really wasn't anything for us to do...
She was fine this morning when I cleaned their cage....a few hours later she was sitting on the bottom of the cage, very lethargic and she just LOOKED ill. We moved her to a separate cage, with a heating pad, some wet clothes to keep it slightly humid in hopes that it would help her pass the egg. It didn't....and she passed at 5:04 PM

We didn't even have time to get her to a vet...by the time we realized how bad she was, the cold would have hurt her too much.

Now I just need to focus on Ty, my male. He's been calling for her since we took her out of the cage. I hope he gets over it fairly quickly. It hurts to see him sad.

Well, I may or may not touch base later this weekend.


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