10 February 2009

Happy pills

Are wonderful wonderful inventions.

Dr. S gave me Vicoden. I only took one....but man. I didn't care about ANYTHING.
He gave it to me because yesterday was fail.

So one of my nails (pinkie on the left hand) came unattached from the bed but not the matrix (where the nail comes out of the finger.) Because it didn't come all the way off and nails will not reattach to the nail bed, I had to have it removed. No biggie....except that after a double digital block AND a distal block, and my finger looking majorly deformed from the amount of Lidocane, it still wasn't numb. Dr. S thinks it was because the finger was swollen and so the meds couldn't get there...but still. PAIN.

So....rough day yesterday and today. I did get to school for 3 periods, and I got my chair fixed!! New seat and back, new caps, new seat belt at a better location, all the nuts and bolts tightened!!

So. Tomorrow I have 2 appointments...hopefully the snow doesn't cancel them. If it does I'll be very angry!


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